Mining Solutions


Saint-Gobain ADFORS has developed specialized fabrics designed to protect miners against risks caused by mining.
ADFORS Mine fabrics work as a reinforcement of the mine roof and walls and protect the miners and the machinery from structural collapse and the falling fragments.

Your Safety Risks in Mining

Underground mining is one of the foremost extraction activities of the mining industry. Mining of minerals such as potash, gold etc. and mining of coal are largely done through underground mining. It is estimated that close to 60% of coal mining worldwide is done through undergroundmining using longwall technology.

Structural Collapse
Mining leads to weakening of the underground structure. As a result there is a risk of collapse from parts of the roof or side walls.

Risk of Falling Objects
Due to issues related to wear and tear and also water percolation, it is possible that parts of the side wall or top face of the mines will weaken over time. There are general  xes to the same such as bolting with grout but the risk still remains.

Being a closed environment where machinery works and also the combustible nature of materials in a mine, fire remains a tremendous risk in mines.

Our Solution for Your Safety

PROTECT PEOPLE AND SAVE TIME by using of high tenacity polyester fabrics with revolutionary coating which ensures antistatic and ƒ re retardant properties.

Features and Beneƒfits

  • Used 10+ years in most of USA coal mines
  • High tensile polyester yarns knitted into fabrics
  • Wide strengths range from 60/60 KN to 600/400 KN
  • Specialized ’ ame retardant and antistatic polymer coating
  • Lightweight compared with metal mesh
  • Easy and faster installation compared with metal mesh
  • Compliance of the stringent standards of FRAS Certi cation NCB245:1985
  • Tested and certi ed by established institutes in Australia, USA and India


Minegrid product range for reinforcement of underground mines roof and walls:

ADFORS Mining solutions can be supplied in roll form or in the form of fully assembled longwalls.

Roll configuration:


The ADFORS team has the competency to look at your specific reinforcement need and design and fabricate longwall configuration to suit the need. Longwall con guration is fabricated by stitching together various rolls using high strength nylon ropes to meet the design parameters. Supply of a full system including winches, pulleys etc. for installation of the longwall is also possible based on the need.

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