ADFORS Vertex® Grid for crack prevention

Up to 60% less cracks

The screed is a thin material made of mortar applied on top of a structural slab or insulation. Its cementitious composition makes it very sensitive to water and to the environment especially during the drying period. Its quality determines the appearance and durability of final layer.
To ensure good quality of the screed’s surface without any cracks, reinforcement is often necessary.

Why using ADFORS Vertex® Grid for crack prevention?

Intensive chemical reactions occur in the screed during the drying period (28 days after the application). These reactions generate internal stresses, which lead to a cracked surface and problematic installation of tiles or resin.
Reinforcement with ADFORS Vertex® Grid eliminates drying cracks by up to 60% compared to standard steel mesh and decreases the visibility of any crack by 50%.

Why using ADFORS Vertex® Grid for long-term reinforcement?

All screeds have a very low mechanical strength in tension. If they are placed on a soft insulation layer (heating floors, acoustic insulation), they can easily crack. Therefore reinforcement is a must in such cases.
ADFORS Vertex® Grid ensures the stability of the screed even after the first crack. It allows the screed to absorb more energy during deformation.

  • Independent confirmation that ADFORS Vertex® Grid G120 has the same performance as lightweight metal mesh 650 g/m2 (5 x 5 cm, 1,7 mm)
  • Suitable for all types of screeds.
  • Easy to transport – the roll is 1 × 50 m and weighs only 7 kg
  • Easy to cut – scissors or knife are enough

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Type Roll [m] Pallet [m2] Square size [mm] Initial Tensile Strength Weight Recommendation
G96 1 x 50 750 25 x 25 25 / 20 130 liquid screeds or traditional ones with fine particle size
G120 1 x 50 750 40 x 40 30 / 30 145 traditional dry screeds with particle size up to 7 mm
R108 1 x 50 1200 9 x 9 42 / 37 140 all types of screeds with very fine particle size





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