ADFORS Fibatape® Cement Board

Self-adhesive mesh fabric tape

  • Durable thanks to excellent alkali resistance
  • Ideal for high humid environments
  • Ideal for reinforcement for joints of cement boards

Alkali-resistant coating
– Enhanced long-term performance in cement applications

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

– Easy application to joint surface prior to finishing

Fiberglass mesh
– Fiberglass yarn increases joint strength
and structural integrity

Resists mold and mildew for safer environment
– ideal for bathrooms and kitchens



Product name Width (mm) Length(m) #rolls/box #boxes/pallet #rolls/pallet
ADFORS FibaTape® Cement  48 20 24 64 1536
ADFORS FibaTape® Cement   48 45 12 40 480
ADFORS FibaTape® Cement   100 45 6 40 240



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