ADFORS Fibatape® X Treme

ADFORS FibaTape® Xtreme™ for extreme temperature and humidity

Designed to adhere to cold walls

ADFORS FibaTape® Xtreme™ has extra tack to provide a secure grip in extreme temperature and humidity conditions. At many job sites, rooms are cold at the beginning of the day and warm up as work begins. These thermal extremes combine to create a moist, humid environment. Unlike most tapes, ADFORS FibaTape® Xtreme is uniquely designed to adhere to cold walls and maintain a strong tack as humidity levels increase.

Other benefits include:

  • Adheres in environments with up to 90% humidity
  • All-weather tape performs in extreme temperatures – from 5° to 35°C
  • Tape remains in place when exposed to rapid temperature change during drywall installation
  • Self-adhesive application requires no embedding coat
  • Tough fiberglass mesh increases joint strength and structural integrity
  • Resists mold and mildew
  • Open fiberglass mesh eliminates blisters and bubbles


  • Extreme-temperature environments
  • High-humidity conditions


Product name Width (mm) Length(m) #rolls/box #boxes/pallet #rolls/pallet
ADFORS FibaTape® Xtreme  48 20 24 64 1536
ADFORS FibaTape® Xtreme  48 90 12 40 480



1. Apply the self-adhesive side directly onto joints.
2. Cover the fabric completely with a thin coat of plaster (5–10 cm wide).
3. To finish, recover with a further coat of plaster (15–20 cm wide).


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